About Tibetan Mastiffs What to Expect

What to Expect from a Tibetan Mastiff

It is extremely important to know what to expect from a Tibetan Mastiff before adopting one into your family.  Here are a few:


  • Fencing – Due to the breed’s long history of being with nomadic people and protecting flocks of livestock they prefer to wander.  A fence is required to keep them safe from wandering onto roads or chasing after wild animals which may carry disease.
  • Socialization – The guardian mentality requires there be others in the pack.  They are happiest with other dogs and people.  If you are required to leave for extended times a Tibetan Mastiff is NOT for you.  If left alone for long periods of time they MAY “eat your house.”
  • Barking – They are very in tuned with their surroundings.  When there is a change to the surrounding or routine it may cause loud barking for extended periods of time.  Tibetan Mastiffs are not well suited for suburban or city dwelling.
  • Visitors – a common myth is that visitors to the family are not accepted by the dog.  This is usually not true.  However, care must be taken when bringing new people into the household.  This is especially true if children have friends over.  Your Tibetan Mastiff will see any physical altercation as a threat and step in.
  • Climate – This is pretty obvious.  They prefer dry, cool and cold weather.
  • Not a good first dog – If you have never had a dog before a Tibetan Mastiff is not a good choice.  They do best when there is at least one other dog in the family.

While some of this information may seem disconcerting it is not an impossible task.  Contact us to discuss your situation.

Family Guardian

Tibetan Mastiffs are famous for their protective nature. They are a primitive breed and will always have that mentality. Their size and reputation for fiercely defending their pack and led to the misconception they are killers. They do have strong guarding instincts and this causes confusion. This requires planning from their caretakers as to who they let in the house and fully understanding the personality of their particular dog.