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About Endless Mountain Tibetan Mastiffs


Nestled in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania our Tibetan Mastiffs enjoy their time on our family owned blueberry farm. In 2008 our first Tibetan Mastiff, Heidi was introduced to our Akita Lola and they became best friends. This has grown into a love of the breed and has led to extensive research, showing, and committing to improve the breed through care and selective breeding.

Our main goal is to match potential caretakers with puppies that are healthy with a temperament that will be suitable for a family guardian and friend as well as a healthy life. This requires careful research into breeding lines and pedigree.

As we do our best to avoid medical conditions such as hip dysplasia we cannot guarantee that it will not be formed. However we do everything in our power to minimize the chances.

Our level of care for the placement of our dogs requires a potential caretaker to fill out a questionnaire to make sure our dogs will be take care for life. However, we understand that things happen in life and because of that we will take any of our dogs back throughout their life to make sure they do not end up in a shelter or a rescue program.

Raising and breeding dogs are a passion to us not a profession.


Next Steps...

Please fill out a Puppy Questionnaire if you are interested in adding a Tibetan Mastiff to your pack.