Taking Care of your Family Guardian

Information for taking care of your family guardian and friend.

To keep your Tibetan Mastiff safe and healthy there are a few things you need to address.


Tibetan Mastiffs like to wander.  To keep yours contained it is highly recommended to section off part of your yard as a kennel with a fence.  Chain-link fence that is 6 feet is best for keeping your Tibetan Mastiff in a contained area.  However, no strategy is foolproof.  They have been known to dig and burrow under fencing. We will not sell to anyone without a fenced area big enough for the dog to be in.


The primitive nature of a Tibetan Mastiff has led to be especially fond of meat.  They are carnivores.  Proper diet can help to avoid health problems further down in their lifetime.  The following are some recommended sites to compare different kinds of dog food including their ingredients and price.


Vaccination has become controversial not only in humans but also in our pets.  There are ideas that it is possible to over vaccinate.  Vaccinations are thought to be linked to some ailments such as allergies and other disorders.  Due to the primitive nature of the Tibetan Mastiff they are highly sensitive to being over vaccinated.

Keeping Safe

It is up to their human guardians to keep the Tibetan Mastiff safe.  They are very focused on their job of protecting their pack.  This means they do not do well off leash or free of a fence.  They can easily be hit on the road or attacked by another animal.  It is also required by law for you to keep all pets under control.