Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We would like to answer a few common questions about the breed.  If you require more information it is best to contact us via phone or email.  There are some things best discussed rather than read.

How big will my Tibetan Mastiff get?

Tibetan Mastiffs will range from 80lbs-120lbs for females and 100lbs-140lbs for males.

What medical issues can I expect from my dog?

Common medical problems can involve hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, and thyroid disorders.  Of course there are some disorders that may be preventable with proper diet and exercise such as heart disease and obesity.

Can they be destructive?

Yes.  Being natural guardians they want to do their job.  If there is nothing there to watch over they may have separation anxiety leading to destructive behavior.

Why do you differentiate between guardian and guard dog?

A guardian is naturally watchful of their pack.  They are more independent than a guard dog and do not usually follow commands as much as a trained guard dog.

Do they make a good family pet?

With proper socialization and care they can make an excellent family pet.  However, care must be taken when introducing new friends and visitors to the house.

Do you suggest a fence?

We require a fence before we will sell a dog.  A fence is necessary.  When taking a Tibetan Mastiff for a walk it is required for it to be on a lead.

If you have more questions please give us a call.